Our drone services include aerial LIDAR scanning that helps you do more detailed land surveying. Lidar mapping is a remote scanning method used to examine the surface of the earth or structures.  DragonFly UAS mounted precision laser scanners record high resolution data to create highly accurate 3 dimensional models.  Drone mounted Flash LiDAR enables real-time, acute 3 dimensional map generation.  The fusion of moving color (or Infrared) 2D images with moving 3D depth data delivers a comprehensive, interactive 3D model critical to any detailed scanning enterprise.

lidar-img-opt-300x205 LiDAR

Geo-referenced, photorealistic 3-dimensional models with additional outputs that include custom fly-though videos, detailed linear surface measurements and 3D mesh files that can be used for 3D printing.  DragonFly uses 20+ megapixel stabilized camera sensors to capture the highest level of detail.  DragonFly UAS have the versatility to fly at lower altitudes, capturing oblique images resulting in more detailed horizontal and vertical surfaces.

3dmodel-300x160 LiDAR

Airborne thermal infrared imaging is a powerful and highly diagnostic tool for discovering terrestrial surface temperature anomalies and energy infrastructure analysis.  Unlike full sized aircraft, DragonFly can provide close proximity, stabilized thermal imaging for increased accuracy and all with zero carbon footprint.  Thermal solutions are applied to building envelope surveys for high-performance green buildings, wildfire response, search & rescue and power line inspections

tirimage-opt-300x169 LiDAR

Light Detection and Ranging



Outputs can be integrated with LiDAR results and other data sets and are compatible with GIS and other professional platforms.


Design and progress models can be made frequently and compared side by side or layered for a 4 dimensional map of change over time.  Results are easily shared via a cloud based server.


Data can be collected without requiring direct human presence in the area of inspection, reducing the likelihood of injury in high-risk situations and enabling work to continue undisturbed in active work zones.