Headquartered in California, USA

with a growing number of Tactical Operations teams across the United States, United Kingdom and Canada

DragonFly is an aerial services company specializing in unmanned (drone) robotics.

We integrate advanced technology systems to achieve innovative solutions, helping our
customers save time and money.


Improve data quality, accuracy and the timeframe in which it is

collected, while eliminating risk of human life from aerial and above ground level services 

DragonFly provides safe, cost effective and professional Unmanned Aerial Solutions.

Using the latest in stabilized DRONE technology and a global network of skilled pilots, engineers and technicians,

DragonFly offers a comprehensive range of aerial services, free from the limitations

and risks associated with manned aircraft and bulky equipment.


DragonFly isn’t only about getting results, it’s about getting the BEST results, the RIGHT way. At DragonFly we assemble the BEST TEAM with the RIGHT EQUIPMENT for the job.

In addition to the use of the latest DRONE technology, teams are thoroughly vetted by FAA standards. They undertake ongoing training including medical certification and safety mitigation protocol. DragonFly clients can expect TURNKEY AERIAL SERVICES executed by professionals trained for high-value payloads in CHALLENGING AERIAL SITUATIONS.


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DragonFly is a pioneer in unmanned AERIAL SERVICES, the latest DRONE TECHNOLOGIES
applied to everyday challenges.


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